Raise consciousness of nonviolence to make war and violence obsolete.

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The above vision statement, "Raise consciousness of nonviolence to make war and violence obsolete," was created by the "Co-Creating Peace" group during the Friday discussion at last years conference. As a seed for further discussion, here is the group's summary of their continued discussion on Saturday afternoon, which forms a kind of mission statement for those working toward peace through nonviolent means.

"Co-creating healing, nonviolence, and peace through networking, support, cooperation, personal transformation, constructive programs, and political action."
2010 convergence update
These are the results of the 2010 Co-Creating peace through Active Nonviolence
• Actionable Items

-Spreading the world about successful nonviolent actions through co-creating true stories
-Practicing personal nonviolence by reaching out and finding common ground with people of different mind sets.

• Complete transcript
-Maintain social networking while creating partnerships.
-Offering education and personal training on nonviolence.
-Become involved in nonviolent political actions.
-Co-creating peace through active nonviolence worldwide and at home


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