Share ideas for changing policies and practices of educating for nonviolence in K-12.

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The above vision statement, "Share ideas for changing policies and practices of educating for nonviolence in K-12," was created by the "Education for Nonviolence" group during the Friday discussion at last years conference. As a seed for further discussion, here is the group's summary of their continued discussion on Saturday afternoon, which focuses in on a specific challenge to this vision:

"Many teachers face a system which does not acknowledge their human reality or the human realities of their students."
So, at the Convergence on Sunday during the conference we shifted the focus of this working group a bit to find ways to reach youth aged 5-18 as well as the people who influence them (educators, parents, policy-makers).

I don't have all of the notes, but here are some of the actions we talked about:
* Theme next year's GKC around peace education
* Learn ourselves what approaches and programs to broadly engage communities around peace education have been most successful so we can better focus our efforts to be impactful and sustainable (i.e. not recreate or spin wheels)
* Gather and share peace education resources
* Create and distribute to Memphis schools consolidated peace education curriculum resources
* Provide opportunities for educators, parents, policy-makers and younger kids (5-12 not reached yet by Peace Jam) to participate
* Get Brigitte's Jayden and the Magic Bubble books (particularly the one about Gandhi and nonviolent resistence) into the hands of all Memphis schools and children/parents who might not otherwise encounter them or be able to afford them

Anybody else who was there remember other elements? Anybody have resources to share?
2010 Convergence Update
These are the results of the 2010 Nonviolence Education
• Actionable Items
*What if the conference was centered on nonviolence education and brings in experts to discuss nonviolence at the conference.
* Educate ourselves by gathering collective wisdom without re-creating wheels of what has already been done.

• Complete Transcript

- Make Jayden books available in schools.
- Create a place and activities for elementary children to partake in the conference.
- Create continuing education credits for teachers to attend the conference.
- Appeal to the school board for support and their attendance the conference.
- Make resources, tools and curriculum guides available in a packaged or downloadable format


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