Involving young people in peaceful issues using high technology.

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Hello, all. So, this is the place where we'll talk about all things good and social network-y.

As I remember, at the Convergence meeting on Sunday, we decided to update our purpose here to include all social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, mass texting, etc.). We also proposed that these platforms are the ideal places for inter-generational conversations among NV advocates and activists.

So, anyone from the old skool with lessons to share, perspectives to offer, or some love to give, this is the place to learn about engaging a younger community online. As we discussed, they have passion and energy; they could use your guidance!

And for all of us who are curious about how this social networking thing works and haven't yet had the opportunity to learn, please post your questions here or send me a message. We'll get you up and running. Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest offer an efficient way to spread your message, recruit outreach volunteers for your events, raise money for your projects, and much more.

We suggested 2 next steps:

1. Utilize the online audiences presently available to us to raise the voice of the community.

Bryan's and Eric's blog Waging Nonviolence is a great place to start. They have an impressive following, and the momentum is building. Visit their blog and join the email list (and/or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS--it's all there in the upper right hand of the page). Then spread the word, asking your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Bryan and Eric are also looking for writers to contribute their own articles, so we can each participate and get our messages out there. Yay community.

Also, if anyone has a Facebook group, Twitter account and/or blog focused on nonviolence, please post it here. That way, we can all keep up with the great work you're doing.

For example, Daryn posted this stuff on the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict on another forum thread:
I would also encourage everyone to find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, watch us YouTube, and subscribe to our news digest.

If you don't know how to do links like Daryn's don't worry. Just type the website. We'll find our way to you.

2. Another great idea was orchestrating a dinner with troops in war zones over video chat. Any thoughts on how to get this rollin'?
2010 Convergence Update
These are the results of the 2010 Raising the Voice of the Community (Holistic approach to media)

• Actionable items
*Teach and build intergenerational communication using technology.
*Maintain contact through video chat and the “wage nonviolence “blog to stay undated on issues concerning nonviolence.

• Complete transcript

- Use social media (facebook, twitter, blogging and mass texting) to stay connected and updated on issues.
- Create a dinner with the troops through video chat.
- Keep making connections and contribute to the blog by posting and increasing readership.
Thanks, Candace!

Let's get rollin', y'all. If you're up and running with social networking, please post links (Facebook fanpage, Twitter feed, blog, etc.). If you're not started yet, please post your questions, and we'll get ya there.
And don't forget to sign up for Waging Nonviolence email updates. Raise the voice of the community by spreading the word--post their articles to your Facebook Wall or Tweet them. Great stuff!


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