Sonnleitner Resume for Visa.doc

As I was unable to attend the Conference (due to an obligation to attend a wedding in Minnesota that same weekend), I could not meet with those of you who share my long-term interest in Gandhi and King. Perhaps we may meet at the 2010 Conference!?

In the meantime, I attach here my most current Resume, created to accompany my visa application to India -- where I will be teaching courses in "Gandhian Thought", "International Relations", and "U.S. Government" at St. Thomas College (affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University) in Kerala, India: in partial fulfillment of a Fulbright grant for 2009-2010.

While it remains unclear how often email access will be available following my arrival in India in late
November (good grief: three weeks from now?!), know that I would be pleased to communicate with
any of you as part of this "Convergence".
Michael S.

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